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A Web based solution for Strata Communities.

Manage committee meetings, strata, contractors all in one place. Community Hub is a cost effective solution that promotes communication and efficiency for Residents and Owners in Strata based communities.

How can Community Hub help?

If you have an Executive Committee in your Strata or a Body Corporate Scheme and need structure to the way the the team runs and communicates to residents and owners, take control with our community-hub web based solution. 

See all the possiblities that our solution can offer...

Secure and Accessible

Keep files and documents safe and access them at any time. Multi-level login functionality will make sure everyone see's the data they are suppossed to.

User Friendly

Every process within the solution is carefully structured to be efficient and user friendly. Saving you time when you have to get things done.


The Community Hub solution has various plans with varied functionality to meet individual Strata Committee needs. We can even build something new just for your community. 

Your Complex - Your Committee - Your Control

If you are an active Executive Committee our solution gives you all the tools to run your community efficiently and in the process save money on communitions to residents. 

Check out the feature list below...

Community Hub Features?

Community Hub is a solution that delivers features and flexibility to suit committees of all sizes. With four plans to choose from find out what it can do below....

  • INFORMATION REPOSITORY - A public facing website can hold all types of specific community based information from upcoming event notices, parking rules to what night bins go out. Saving new residents time ringing Strata and the community money on strata fees!  
  • DOCUMENT REPOSITORY - Hold all your community and strata related documents securely for retrieval anywhere anytime. Residents can access them online saving the need for Strata to get involved. Saving your community money!  
  • MANAGE MEETINGS - executive committee meetings can be managed with the solution. Create agenda's, take actions and distribute minutes an dmore. Know that the data recorded is always available for reference and review.
  • ELECTRONIC FORMS - cut down the on paperworks and allow residents and owners to submit forms for to your Strata partner online. Pet Application, building alterations, FOB key replacements etc can all be sent via the solution. 
  • OWNERS LOGIN AREA - keep all information more secure and have an owners and residents login area. Give owners access to forms, documents, meeting minutes, financial reports and more. We can customise to your specific requirements
  • EXECUTIVE ACCESS - executive committee members can have their own secure area to login and run meetings, hold minutes and action lists, view archived documents, hold community based contracts with suppliers and much more.
  • CONTRACTOR ACCESS - Have all contractors login in and record their routines tasks and take pictures. Available to the committee instantly all contractors can be monitored to assess work and invoice approval.  
  • UPDATE INFORMATION FLEXIBILITY - Choose whether you want to access information from a committee perpective or use us as your support to update information for you.
  • WHAT ELSE? - We can create the right solution to meet your needs. We build websites and systems that can be taylored to yoru specific community requirements, whatever they are.

We Create awesome mobile-friendly websites for communities!


Reduce Strata fees by reducing unnecessary mailing of communication and notices to residents and owners by having a web based solution to manage your community.


Please find ongoing plan pricing for the Community Hub solution.
*All plans include a one cost for solution purchase, please click on "find out more" button below for full details... 


$ 35* per month
  • Public Web Pages with with information required and a few changes a month.
  • Domain + Server Space
  • 5 Public Web Pages
  • 2 Contact forms
  • 10 documents Stored
  • 2 web updates/mth
  • *One Off cost Solution Build $700-$850


$ 45* per month
  • Public & Private Web Pages with limited committee logins to change content.
  • Domain + Server Space
  • 8 Pub/Private Pages
  • 4 Contact forms
  • 25 documents Stored
  • 4 web updates/mth
  • 2 Email Forms
  • 2 self-manage Content
  • 3 Committee logins
  • *One Off cost Solution Build $1000-$1250


$ 55* per month
  • Public & Private Web Pages with limited committee and resident logins 
  • Domain + Server Space
  • 12 Pub/Private Pages
  • 6 Contact forms
  • 50 documents Stored
  • 6 web updates/mth
  • 10 Email Forms
  • 5 self-manage content
  • 7 Committee logins
  •  50 Owners Login
  • *One Off cost Solution Build $1600-$1950

Private Plus

$ 75* per month
  • Public & Private Web Pages with Login for all owners and Separate Committee area.
  • Domain + Server Space
  • 20 Pub/Private Pages
  • 8 Contact forms
  • Unlimited
  • 8 web updates/mth
  • 20 Email Forms
  • 10 self-manage content
  • 10+ Committee logins
  • 100+ Owners Logins
  • 10 Contactor Logins
  • *One Off cost Solution Build $2600-$3200
We work with you every step of the way to give you what you need! I had a need... The Community-Hub concept was created as a specific need arose in my local community where information was hard get and strata rules and regulations were only accessable by contacting strata. Not only was this inconvenient but it costs teh community money everytime a Strata request is made. So I created a community friendly website with as much information the community required... drop us an email and see how we can help you.
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Let us know if you need any more information.
We are happy to work on customised solutions to meet your needs.



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